• Sprung steel, painted / folded & welded aluminium
  • Edition of 8 + 2 AP
  • 200cm H x 350cm x 80cm

SoundForms are conceived as a manifestation of energy giving a visual representation derived from the dynamics of a Wave Length. SoundForms are conceived as a visual or concrete poetry; studies where the visual representation of the “words” conveys an intended meaning or effect.

To a degree, the inspiration is from 20th century Concrete Poetry, works which follow on from elements of Eisenstein, Futurism and Dadaism. Eliminating requirements of a formal rhythmical unit, eliminating metrical patterns which are basic poetic modes, and incorporating visual as well as aural forms the paramount concern is with making an object to be perceived rather than read.

Juxtaposing the realms of function and sculpture, the SoundForm studies are created to question sensory response and perception, both active and passive. SoundForm 1 – Payerne Seating Unit is modeled on an interrupted wave length as a high energy sound burst.