More than a piece of jewellery, it is a jewellery adventure that I propose with this project.
This is a unique way of setting your diamond.
Not intended to concurrence the industrial way of setting diamonds, this work on the opposite proposes a way to personalize your piece, to make it your own. Bespoke jewellery and a unique experience.
– The work talks about time, making an instant eternal, setting a diamond in a fraction of a second. High power and velocity is framed and controlled to create fine jewelry. Captured on film and slowed down 10000 times almost annihilates any notion of gravity/physical laws in the process. Diamonds are a token of love. The violence of the act of shooting a diamond with a riffle creating a fine and delicate piece of jewelry.
– Like the tools traditionally used in jewellery making, a riffle is a tool of precision, I have modified it from a tool of destruction to a tool of creation.
– Involvement of the owner of the piece: this is a process-based work where the buyer participates in the creation of the jewel. As he himself presses the trigger to create his jewel, the owner is part of the history of his piece. All the bullets are partly hand made, they are all unique. Different types of settings are proposed in the bullets (4 diamonds pave, 1 solitaire diamond, solitaire with gold granulations) and can be shot into different type of structure. (Ring, earring, pendant depending on how you want to wear your diamond.)
– Like a chrysalis waiting to hatch the bullet is “a jewel to be”.
It contains all the elements to become wearable and is just waiting for the power/energy to be released to transform into a unique diamond jewel in a fraction of a second.

Diamond Solitaire

  • Edition of 25 + 5AP
  • Diamond Solitaire / Gold granulation
  • Edition of 25 + 5AP

Four Diamond Pave

  • Edition of 25 + 5AP
  • Structure : choice of ring , piercing or pendant.
  • Each ring structure is unique and bespoke.
  • Each Diamond Shot comes with a life size print of the rifle.


  • Edition of 75 + 15AP
  • 140 x 40 cm


  • Bullets are made of different parts fitting together.
  • 24 ct gold, diamond, tool steel, and ivory or turtle shell or bull horn and silk depending on the model.
  • All ring/earring/pendant structures to be shot at are in platinum.